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Carole passed away in December 2017.  Without her, we are no longer able to make or repair flags.

If you want to contact Mark, please email

For now, the website will remain up as a reference source for our customers.

Thank you to all our customers who supported us for over thirty years.

Our Goal is Always to Exceed Our Customer's Expectations.

We offer a complete service: we design, make, install, and repair flags and banners, and we sell poles and hardware. Choose from our large collection of decorative and advertising designs or have us make a custom design especially for you. Carole & Mark Bisgrove were the originators of The Angle Flag(tm) and have been designing and making finely crafted nylon and sunbrella flags and banners in the Newburyport, Massachusetts area since 1985.

We work with you to create a flag that tells your story.

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Lg $134       Sm $119
Rect $144
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Even Your Own
Hundreds of Designs
Send Us Yours
Business & Open

Lg $229       Sm $214
Rect $239
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Letters read correctly on both sides.

Your Artwork
or Ours
Special Colors Too
A Pleasure for You
& Your Neighbors
Set Yourself Apart

We'd be glad to talk with you about your flag needs.

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Carole & Mark Bisgrove /
8 Main St. / Byfield, MA 01922-1217, USA
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Special Colors for Design Collection
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LINK:  More Designs Price List & Illustrations for Entire Design Collection  (Large File: 220kb) This page has links to more flags than are shown in Design Collections 1 to 11.

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