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Be sure to keep your email address current with us--we email notices of Sales before we do the postal mailing. We also sometimes have mini-sales which are only advertised with an emailing. Just send us an email ( with "new email address" in the subject line. Please include your name, current email addresses, old email address (if any), and postal address.

We never share any kind of address information with others, and we're not going to send you lots of emails. What we are trying to do is have an efficient and inexpensive way to notify customers of sales, new designs, etc. Using the postal service to send printed material is too expensive to use except for large events. But with email, we could, for example, easily notify customers that we have 3 new summer designs, or that we've just added some especially good designs to our special-discount page. We're hoping to collect enough addresses to make this a very effective customer service tool. Thanks for your help.


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